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9/12/2019 · It's been a while since I updated. That revamped site hasn't really come to fruition yet. I've decided to dabble in some video game streaming which you can find on the homepage so hope you check out some of my latest videos and subscribe if you enjoy them :)

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The Next Phase?

Fusiongt here! Wanted to share what I'm planning to work on next. I love web design and development and have made a living doing it. Of course after working on it all day, it's less fun doing it as a hobby now. So I've decided to work on some video game streaming!

I hope you check out my videos below and I hope to be more active on the Disqus comments and Discord channel as well. Since I'm filming and doing all the editing myself, it will be hard to release videos quickly, but I'll also have a regular stream schedule once I setup all my hardware. So stay tuned for that! Enjoy!

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