Episode Summaries

Episode 1

A wanderer named Kenshin Himura finds himself wandering in Tokyo, until a young lady named Kamiya Kaoru stopped him and accused him that he is the Hitokiri Battousai but he denied this. Still she tried to attack him, but failed since he keeps dodging her attacks. When Hiruma Gohei showed up into the scene attacking few villagers claiming to be the Hitokiri Battousai, she rushed up to the scene to fight him. But Hiruma Gohei is too skilled and too strong for her that she got injured during the fight, that's when Kenshin saved her.

When Kaoru gained consciousness, she was surprised that her injuries were fixed up. She was very much grateful that Kenshin saved her that she asked him to stay since she lives alone in the Dojo. Turns out that he's good in cooking and laundry, so Kaoru got herself a skilled servant. Dr Genzai and his grandaughters, Suzume and Ayame became good friends with Kenshin.

One day Kaoru while taking hot bath, Kenshin was worried what's taking her so long in the bathroom that he barged in. Feeling very much embarassed, she got mad enough to lock him in the shed. Somehow he managed to escape.

That night Hiruma Gohei was plotting his revenge against the Kamiya Kasshin School. Years back when he was a student at the Kamiya dojo, he injured a fellow student during the lessons. Kaoru's father who happens to be the teacher, expelled him because of his belief that Kamiya Kasshin is used for killing and injuring. Feeling humiliated Gohei trains himself and plots to take revenge by killing in the name of Kamiya KasshinRyuu.

The morning later Kaoru was surprised to see that Kenshin's not in the shed. When she went back to the Dojo she's upset to see Gohei waiting for her at the Dojo along with his pupils, she's literally defenseless against Gohei. Just as he was about to kill Kaoru, Kenshin came to her rescue and beats the crap out of villains. It was quite a shock for everyone when Kenshin confess that he's the real Battousai. When he was about to leave, Kaoru stopped him and told him that she doesn't care about his past. That's how Kenshin stopped wandering and came to stay at the Kamiya Dojo.