Episode Summaries

Episode 10

Determined to save Megumi, Kenshin and others break through the gates with Sano's help. After a skirmish with Kanryu's guards, they manage to get inside the mansion.

Megumi told Kanryu that she'll never make opium again and she'll rather die, but then Kanryu told her that he'll kill her friends first then her if she doesn't do what he orders. Just then she took a knife and tried to stab him but Hannya was able to stop her. So she was knocked down unconscious and was carried to the room.

As Kanryu was worried that Kenshin was able to break in, he gave orders to Hannya to eliminate Kenshin. But Hannya refused to budge since he only takes order from Aoshi. It seems that the whole Oniwabanshuu doesn't want to take orders from other people (Money is their boss). Aoshi told Megumi that her friends break in and came to save, he told her that they will die trying. He left the knife just in case Megumi has some plans for it.

Hannya arrived to fight Kenshin, at first Hannya was able to punch Kenshin. Because of the optical illusion caused by stripped tattoo of his arm, Kenshin wasn't able to calculate Hannya's moves thus he receives the punch. However Kenshin was able to see through it by extending his sword as he fights Hannya until he defeats hims.

Aoshi finally arrived to face Kenshin, but Sano doesn't want to be left out. He attacks Aoshi, but then defeated.