Episode Summaries

Episode 12

Near the river bank, Yahiko trains himself by hitting the wooden plank suspended from the tree. He kinda slipped and the string of his sandal broke off. It so happens that the little girl passed by the river, seeing that Yahiko's trying to fix the string, she went down to help him out.

That noon when Kaoru, Kenshin and the rest decides to eat at the Akabeko. They asked Tae who's the new waitress, she told them that the girl's name is Tsubame. Anyway Yahiko followed Tsubame and thanked her for fixing the sandal.

However things didn't went too well when it turns out that Tsubame's working for a local gangsters. Tsubame's job is actually to take the keys of the house, hands them over to the goons for them to rob the house at night. Since Tsubame was very much grateful to Tae, that she didn't hand over the keys. She was then treated harshly unless she hands over the keys. Then Yahiko came to her rescue, since he's no match to those thugs he lost the fight. Tsubame gave the keys so that they will spare him.

Feeling so sorry that he wasn't able to defend Tsubame, Yahiko asked for Kenshin's help to teach him how to be a strong warrior. But Kenshin told him that he couldn't teach his techniques because it was meant to kill people and it's not proper to be taught to a little boy. So Yahiko just trained harder to prepare himself to defend Tsubame.

That night, the goons plots to rob Tae's house, but then Yahiko was there to stop them in time. Sano, Kenshin and Kaoru was there so that they could give all the help he needs. However Yahiko managed to win the battle by himself using clever strategy but luring them into the narrow area where the thugs couldn't move much and he managed to beat em to pulp.And so the night was saved thanks to Yahiko.