Episode Summaries


Episode 13

While Kenshin and Kaoru were in a market, there seems to be an arguement among the sumo wrestlers. They knocked this ex-wrestler to the ground but he managed to avoid falling on to the little boy's pin wheel. Upon seeing it Kenshin was impressed that the ex-wrestler's reflexes.

Until such time that Kaoru decided that Toramaru the ex-wrestler could stay at the Dojo and she'll train him on Sumo Wrestling. During the meal, they were quite surprised that Toramaru likes Kaoru's cooking. When Kaoru declared that she will be the trainor of Toramaru, Kenshin and Sano were trying to imagine Kaoru wearing a loin cloth, of course she punched them on the head before they could reach the bottom part of their imagination.

They started training at the nearby temple, Toramaru told Kaoru that to motivate him he should be pinch on the butt, which she does anyway.Toramaru said that in his village, he used to be the strongest little boy. He was inspired to pursue his dream as a sumo wrestler. However he was treated badly by his fellow sumo wrestlers because he's weak.

When the other Sumo wrestler heard that he trains at the nearby temple. They went there to beat him to pulp, but Kenshin's there to stop them. Kenshin explained that the reason the wrestler's oppressing Toramaru is because he's a lot stronger and he's got potential. After that incident Toramaru was asked to go back and trained again as a sumo wrestler. As a token of friendship he gave Kenshin a big sack of rice, unfortunately Kenshin wasn't able to carry it since it's so heavy