Episode Summaries

Episode 2

Even though the Kamiya Kasshin School name has been cleared after the Hiruma Gohei incident, no one's still interested in going back to Kamiya Kasshin School. Kaoru decided to eat in the restaurant along with Kenshin, Dr. Genzai and the two little girls. On their way to the Akabeko restaurant Kenshin noticed a little boy took the wallet of the old man but then he returned it after seeing that the old man's using the money to buy his grandson a toy.

Everyone's was surprised that Kenshin's carrying a sword since the law strictly prohibits anyone from carrying it. Anyway they just assumed that Kenshin's just a stubborn samurai. Then again the same little boy stole Kenshin's wallet, upon seeing what the boy did, Kaoru stopped him. But Kenshin gave the wallet to him, but the boy didn't take it and threw it at him. He told Kenshin that no one's gonna take his pride away. Kenshin told the boy that no one's going to take away his pride.

At the Akabeko restaurant, Sekihara Tae (owner of the restaurant) told them that the little boy's name is Myojin Yahiko, both his parents are dead. His father was a Samurai and died defending the country. Yahiko works for the local Shueitai to pay back the money used for his mother's medication. Upon hearing that the boy's in big trouble, Kaoru rushed off to rescue him.

When Yahiko went back to the gangster's hideout, he was badly beaten when he couldn't give money to them. Fortunately Kaoru was there to rescue him. The gang leader told Kaoru that they'll release Yahiko provided that she plays dice with them, if she wins, she may take Yahiko with her, but if she lose, she'll stay and be their servant forever. Sensing that Kaoru's in trouble, Yahiko distracts the gang and told Kaoru to leave. Still she refuses and continues the game, and she won. It turns out that Yahiko have switched the improvised dice with the real one so that Kaoru wins. But the gang won't keep their promise, so   Kaoru was forced to fight back but with a shinai weapon against a sword is no match. Kenshin came and gave the gang's leader a piece of his mind, that scared the crap out of the thugs. Then Kenshin and Kaoru took Yahiko with them to the dojo.

However Yahiko doesn't like the idea of Kaoru teaching him the Kendo since he wants Kenshin to teach him.