Episode 3

Kaoru teaches Yahiko the basics of the Kendo, however he still doesn't get along too well with her. Anyhow Kenshin went off to the market to buy some Tofu along with Ayame and Suzume. The police went to the Kamiya Dojo looking for Kenshin. Fearing that Kenshin might be in trouble, Kaoru asked Yahiko to tell Kenshin about the police looking for him.

At the village there's a group of policemen who have the authority to use swords (I don't know exactly their names) have been abusing their power by executing anyone they feel like it. Kenshin came to their rescue and defended them. After hitting the last blow on the leader of the abusive policemen. The real police came and Yamagata Aritomo who happens to be a government official.

It turns out that Yamagata Aritomo came looking for Kenshin to offer him an impressive position in the government. However Kenshin didn't take the offer.





Eiji's note: Please excuse me, this summary's kinda short, it's not my fault but this episode is really boring, I must have dozed off watching it.