Episode Summaries

Episode 4 At the Akabeko restaurant, three drunkards were talking senselessly about how bad and corrupt the Meiji government is. Of course their jibber jabbers could be quite amusing until one of them threw a saucer at Kenshin's head although they didn't quite mean it. Even though Kenshin knew that the saucer is coming toward him.He didn't dodge it since if he does, it would come flying toward's Kaoru's face.

However things really got heated up when they were really rude toward Tae. Then a man with a spiky hair named Sanosuke Sagara came to her rescue and challenges the drunks to go outside and have a fight. Using just one finger, he managed to knocked down the drunks with his superb strength. Upon seeing Kenshin with a sword, he challenges him too but Kenshin turned down the challenge.

After Sanosuke left the place, Tae came looking for him. They asked Tae why she's looking for Sano. Tae told them that Sano has left the restaurant without paying his bills.

We haven't seen the last of Hiruma Gohei. After seeing Sano's amazing skills, he bribed Sano into assasinating Kenshin for a cool amount of money. Sano accepted the offer and came looking for Kenshin right away.

Seeing that Sano's persistent in having the fight, Kenshin accepted his offer. When Kaoru, Suzume and Ayame arrived, Sano told Kenshin to continue the fight some other time because he disliked the idea fighting in front of women and children.



Eiji's Comment: I was actually thinking that Sekihara Tae and Sano's got eyes for each other. It turns out that Sano's more interested in food than Tae :P