Episode Summaries

Episode 6

A mad swordsman appears through the night killing any government officials he could think of. He has spared no one in his killing spree. The police were very much terrified at this incident asked Kenshin to help them stop this mad man. This mysterious swordsman known as Udou Jineh, a former member of the Shinsen Gumi and is merciless towards killing.

He sends a notice that at exactly 12 midnight he will be at the certain government official's house to resume his killing spree. Kenshin and Sanosuke came to confront Jineh. The government official also recruited men to fight against Jineh for a hefty sum of money.

When the clock struck at 12 midnight, Jineh came and massacred everyone in the house using his Nikaidou Keiho Shin no Ippou leaving the opponents paralyzed and open for an attack. However it has no effect on Kenshin, but during the battle Jineh was quite dismayed that Kenshin was no longer the bloodthirsty Battousai that he knew. So he called off the battle for a while and told Kenshin that he has only one day to bring back his Battousai personality.

Kenshin asked Sano to tell Kaoru that he might not be coming home for a while. Upon hearing it Kaoru went to look for Kenshin and found him at the river. She told him that he'll just make sure he won't go back as being Battousai the slasher. She let Kenshin have her favorite ribbon, she told him to take care of it and bring it back after he defeats Jineh. Just then speaking of the devil, Jineh came by the river on the raft taking Kaoru with him as a hostage.