Episode Summaries

Episode 7

Deep into the forest, Jineh took Kaoru there and awaits for Kenshin the "Battousai" to show up. Much to his delight, Kenshin did came, and to add spice to the battle, he paralyzed Kaoru that she couldn't breath. In a state that only she could break though it or kill him so she could be released from that spell. So Kenshin has no choice but to kill Jineh. Sano and Yahiko upon reading the note sent by Kenshin, they decided to look for the two and rescue them.

The battle started and it seems that Jineh has a great advantage over Kenshin. Having been injured, Kenshin struggles to fight Jineh, to defeat him, he must go back as Battousai and save Kaoru. However as the Battousai emerges within Kenshin, he suddenly have a great advantage over Jineh and just as he was about to kill Jineh. He was thinking that if he kills Jineh he might go back as Battousai and he might never go back to the Kamiya Dojo.

Just then Kaoru was able to break through Jineh's spell and shouted at Kenshin to stop. That instant Kenshin diverted his sword at Jineh's arm, breaking it instead of killing him. Jineh couldn't accept his defeat, he plunge the sword to his chest and his last words to Kenshin was,"A hitokiri will always be a hitokiri".

So the two decided to go back home, on their way, they heard someone arguing and it turns out that Sano and Yahiko got lost and ended up in muddy marsh.