Episode Summaries

Episode 8

We find Kenshin and Sano at a friend's house gambling. However Sano keeps losing on the game of dice and accused Kenshin on being a bad luck. Sano, noticing that one of his pals is gone, he asked his friends about Yoita, he friends replied that he died from opium overdose. Upon hearing this, Sano was a bit sad. Just then a young woman barged into the house asking for help because some goons were after her. After helping her out, Kenshin decided to bring her to the Dojo.

At the Kamiya Dojo, Kaoru was a bit surprised when he brought home the young woman. She was a bit furious when the young woman commented how could Kenshin be interested on such a violent tomboy. Yahiko defended Kaoru saying that even though she's a bit quick tempered she's still has a good heart.

That night the woman told them that her name's Takani Megumi and she needed help because Takeda Kanryu the drug dealer is after her and the Oniwabanshuu. With Megumi around, Kaoru couldn't help being jealous and she keeps sneaking around, Sano admitted that he couldn't help feeling suspicious about Megumi.

The Oniwabanshuu members finally found Megumi at the Dojo, Beshimi and Hyottoko were sent to bring her back to Kanryu. Seeing that the enemies are outside the Dojo, Kenshin and Sano went out to fight. Hyottoko attacked them with his fiery breath, because of his huge body, he's definitely no match for Kenshin and Sano since his reflexes were too slow. He ended up losing the fight. However Beshimi fired a poison dart at Yahiko, then he and Hyottoko left. Just then Megumi dropped something, and when Sano picked it up it turned out to be Opium.

With Yahiko poisoned, Megumi tried her best to cure him, she sent kenshin to fetch some hot water and Kaoru to buy some medicines.




Eiji's Comment: Ahem Megumi seems to like pissing Kaoru off by flirting with Kenshin. I was surprised that Yahiko defended Kaoru from Megumi's obnoxious remarks.