Episode Summaries

Episode 9

Yahiko woke up feeling better, and Megumi was able to save him from being poisoned. At breakfast Megumi cooked some wonderful rice cakes impressing everyone. Yahiko comments that if Kaoru will cook some rice cakes, he might as well go to the doctor and have his stomach checked. Upon hearing it, Kaoru stuffed the rice cake into Yahiko's face. Megumi felt happy that for once, she feels home again.

Just then Sano demanded Megumi why she's carrying opium, Kenshin commented that Megumi's family was well known regarding on the field of medicine. Megumi told them that she lost her father and family during the war. She came to Tokyo assisting the Doctor who's also responsible for making opium, after his death she took his place in making opium. Then Kanryu, made Megumi produce a dangerous and cheap opium, however she didn't continue it because of it's fatal effects, so she decided to ran away from Kanryu and that's why he's after her.

While doing some chores, Megumi was visited by Hannya, a member of the Oniwabanshuu. He told her to come with him, if not all her friends will be killed and she is to blame for their deaths. So Megumi went with Hannya since she has no other choice and she doesn't want to put her friends in danger. Seeing that Megumi's in trouble, Sano followed her and tried to stop her from coming back to Kanryu. Just then another member of the Oniwabanshuu named Shikijo fought Sano, but Sano won in the end. However just as Kenshin and the rest arrived, Megumi was inside Kanryu's fortress.