by: Lety

Chapter 1:

NOTE*:All the characters of Kenshin Iīm using in my fanfiction are property of the author. Please,don`t get mad about how Iīm using the characters. Other notes:This sign:** is when the characters are thinking. This sign:" " is when the characters are talking. This sign:^-^ is when Iīm talking about the story. WELL.........ENJOY THE FANFICTION! HAVE FUN! -------------

It was Spring, a lovely Spring ,the birds were singing and the animals were playing in the forest. Kaoru was in the lake taking a bath.^-^(A bath in a lake? Why Kaoru would take bath in a lake?Well,she could..... but, in the morning? In Spring? Well, itīs because this is part of the Fanfiction Story)^-^ She was thinking about the fresh bath that she was taking and also thinking about Kenshin. Kaoru:**I feel so good in this bath......I was thinking.........Does Kenshin love me? Because I love him............ but.................** Kaoru left the lake and she put a towel around her body.When she was already out, she heard a strange noise. Kaoru:"What is that strange noise?" She felt a living thing that was after her,and when she turned around she saw a big monster.First, she saw the monster,then she started running and screaming. Kaoru:"Ahhhhh! Someone! Help me please!!!" Then, she stopped and she turned around to see the monster. Kaoru:"Hey! Wait a second! I`m good at martial arts! I can fight you, big monster!" The monster put a silly face. Kaoru:"Ha! Now youīre afraid of me! Donīt you?! Whua!Whua!Ja,,ja,,ja!" Kaoru was laughing and laughing.The monster only was in confusion. Kaoru:**I canīt resist anymore! Iīm laughing and Laughing, I canīt stop!! ** ^-^(She canīt stop laughing?! Iīm getting mad with her!!)^-^ When Kaoru stopped laughing,the monster walked near to her. Kaoru:**Now!He will let me pardon him!!** The monster was not let her pardon him,instead of that,he throw acid trough his mouth. Kaoru was in shock,she didnīt talk. The acid hit a tree that was near Kaoru. The tree started to burn and then,it was only ashes. The monster throw acid again and the acid was going to hit Kaoru. Kaoru:**Itīs all my fault! Because I started,I was laughing! ?! Now I will be ashes!! The monster is fast!! What can I do?!** Kaoru was running fast and the monster too. Kaoru:**What Iīm gonna do?! Someone,help me!!** ^-^(If she`s only thinking,nobody can help her!)^-^

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