Character Profiles

Amakusa Shougo
"Mutou Shougo"

Age: ???
Notable Characteristic: The cape and his err weird but cool outfit
Fighting Technique: "Amakareru no Hirameki
Seiyuu: Junichi Inoue

Manliness scale: perfect 10!!
First appearance: Episode 67

People close to his heart: Magdaria (his sister)
Personality: Sad to say he's a crazed lunatic who distorted the idealism of Christian and dared called himself the "Son of God".

Mini Biography:

He seeks revenged on those who had persecuted the Christians. After staying in China, he went back to Shimabara. He killed off the officials which led the persecution and at the same time plotting to overthrow the government.

However he didn't know that Kaioh conspired with the foreigners. Kenshin was able to save Shougo from the conspiracy. Later Shougo was pardoned and was exiled to Netherlands along with his followers.