Character Profiles

Yuukyuuzan Anji
"Hakai-sou (fallen Monk)"

Age: 30 something
Group: Juppon Gatana
Notable Characteristic: Wearing a bandana
Fighting Technique: "Futae no Kiwami"

First Appearance: Episode 38

"The ability to use the arms, legs and head to deliver blows with such an immense power that it could rupture any solid objects such as rocks, wood etc. (except for Sanosuke's head, I was wondering why it didn't turn to powdery bits).

People close to his heart: Tsubaki and children
Personality: Calm yet anger rules his heart, nonetheless he's still have a heart to spare lives of others.

Mini Biography:
He lived peacefully as a Buddhist monk and taking care of orphaned children. Tsubaki was often teased to marry him, so far Anji didn't give quite a hint though. One day the elders of the village decided that they should get rid of the temple so that the Meiji government would give their village more funds. They spoke to Anji about that and he agreed to that that as soon as he could find a new place to move in. Either the elders are deaf or just plain stupid morons, they decided to burn the temple down along with the children. When Anji came from his meditation he was shocked to see the temple burn down and he couldn't save them because he was knocked down by the thugs. When he was able to get up, the temple was already burned to ashes. He so furious that he trained 5 years and developed the "Futae no Kiwami' technique. He went back to the village and crushed the skulls of the village elders. Until such time he was recruited to be part of the Juppon Gatana.