Character Profiles

Sawagejou Chou

Age: ??
Notable Characteristic: Celery stalk-like hair
Weapon: Satsujinken

First Appearance: Episode 39

Thing of interest: Sword (Obvious naman)
Personality: He seemed to be a ruthless, cold blooded killer who loves sword, but after a bout with Kenshin and Saitou's interrogation he changed.

Mini Biography:

He was recruited to join the Juppon Gatana, although much of his past was not revealed. He was a blood thirsty killer who collect swords.After his defeat to Kenshin over the last sakabatou sword, he was detained in prison. He revealed much of Shishio's plan, thus the Kuni Tori plan was foiled. Later he worked with Saitou as a secret agent. He has certainly changed into a better man, however he can't stand being with Sanosuke.