Character Profiles

Seijuurou Hiko
"The Narcissists Sensei"

Age: 40
Date of birth: October 1836
Notable Characteristic: long cape, muscles, boots,
Fighting Technique: "Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu"
Height:189 cm
Weight:87 kg
Blood Type:O

Manliness scale: I give it err 8. Sorry Hiko narcissism and being over-aged doesn't count

Person of interest: Himself,
Personality: He's very much stubborn and narcissistic, however he's kind and compassionate when he wants to.

Mini Biography:
He became a 13th successor of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu technique. However his Sensei's life is the price to inherit that. He saved Kenshin from the bandits that massacred Kenshin's three friends. Because of his pity for the little boy, he trained and took care of him.

When his pupil Kenshin decided to join the Ishin shishi group, Hiko was against it. 10 years later, Kenshin requested him to teach the secret sword technique to which he agreed when he was defeated.