Character Profiles

Sadojima Hoji
"The Hyaku Shiki"

First Appearance: Episode 39
Person of interest:
Shishio  (He worships him)
Personality: It's so obvious that he wants to be alongside with the most powerful man, practically sucking up to him.

Mini Biography:

His past was never revealed or what certain event that drove him to go against the government. He serves as brain and was brilliant in military tactics. He would do anything for Shishio that he even cut off his thumb to prove his loyalty. He sings praises for Shishio and showered him with flattery. I doubt it if Shishio does mind those flattering words. He mourned for Shishio's death. When the government won't let him reveal about Shishio's Kuni Tori, he took his own life. Even in the depths of hell, he still continued to suck up to Shishio (what a sucker).