Character Profiles

Honjo Kamatari

Notable Characteristic: Scythe weilding with selphie-like (ff8) hairstyle
Blood Type:
Weapon: Giant Scythe

First Appearance: Episode 44

Person of interest: Shishio-sama
Personality: Obviously he's a man who wants to be a women

Mini Biography:

At first, one may think that he's a woman, but actually he's not. He and Yumi's forever quarelling for Shishio's affection but as they say "May the best I mean girl win." No matter how hard he tries, it's seems that Shishio would never notice him since he's not as sexy as Yumi or deadly like Soujiro. His defeat in Aoiya made him lose face towards Shishio and intends to kill himself. Fortunately Kaoru and Misao stopped him. Later on, the government hired him as a secret agent under the identity of a...*GASP* women.