Character Profiles

Tsukioka Katsuhiro "The Painter"

Age: 19, same age as Sanosuke
Notable Characteristic: Red Band on Forehead
FightingTechnique: Throwing bombs
Weapon: Bomb

First Appearance: Episode 23

Person of interest: Unknown

Personality: Dedicated and shares the same ideology with Sanosuke. Seeks vengeance for their beloved Captain Sagara

Mini Biography:

He joined the Sekihoutai troop when he was about the same age as Sanosuke. He too, survived the massacre of the Sekihoutai troop. Few years later he became a portrait artist. He painted Captain Sagara's portrait, he still conspired against the government by making bombs. He brainwashed Sanosuke into avenging the Captain's death. However Kenshin made them both realize that they should do more constructive things, instead of shaming Captain Sagara by violent means. Later Katsuhiro gave up being a painter to become a journalist that publicize the government's corrupt activities.