Character Profiles

Takani Megumi
"Foxy Lady"

Age: 22
Notable Characteristic: Very pretty,nuff said
Skills: A very skilled Doctor
People close to her heart: Her patients
Personality: Dedicated, sly, serious and sometimes loves to tease kaoru

Blood Type : B
Seiyuu: Mika Doi

Mini Biography:
Her father, Takani Ryusei is a well known physician. However she lost her family during the war. She found herself drifting in Tokyo where she works as an assistant to a certain doctor who happens to manufacture Opium for Kanryu. When the doctor was murdered, she took his placing in manufacturing opium. When she finally refused to work for Kanryu, she ran away.

Fortunately for her she was saved by Kenshin and was brought to the Kamiya Dojo, where she was welcomed and accepted as part of the family.

Her relationship with Sano is not yet known, but somehow many has speculated about these two. It seems that Megumi is more interested in Kenshin rather than Sanosuke.