Character Profiles

Hajime Saitou

Age: 35
Date of birth: January 1844
Notable Characteristic: Cigarettes, the bangs
Fighting Technique:
Height : 183 cm
Weight : 71 kg
Blood Type : O
Weapon : Katana

People close to his heart: Tokio
Personality: Calm and able to control himself. He does not tolerate evil, therefore must be eliminated quickly. Surprisingly, he could read a person's mind through the movements

Mini Biography:
Former troop leader of the Shinsen Gumi. He's also one of the characters that actually existed. After the restoration, he worked as a police officer. It's quite amazing that he set aside his emotions to concentrate more on fighting. He was able to read the motives of an enemy, that makes him an effective Police officer. He was kind enough to take orphaned Eiji Mishima under his care, he rarely express his emotions readily.