Character Profiles

Sagara Sanosuke
" Zanza"

Age: 19
Date of birth: February 1860
Notable Characteristic: spiky hair, red band on forehead
Fighting Technique: "Futae no Kiwami"
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 71 kg
Blood Type : B
Weapon : Zanbatou, Fist

Seiyuu: Yuji Ueda

Person of interest: Magdaria
Personality: Stubborn, acts before he thinks, because of his idea that he can defeat anyone, he still ends up losing the fight and embarrased himself silly.

Mini Biography:
He joined the Sekihoutai group when he was a small boy. He admired Captain Sagara so much that he took the Captain's name as his own.

When the Meiji government won the battle. Because they could not fulfill their promise to the people, they made false accusation to the Sekihoutai, treated them as traitors and massacred the whole troop. When Captain Sagara was gunned down but he was able to save Sano by throwing him to the river. Later when Sano came upon the town square he saw the Captain's head displayed there. Sano still retains his hatred toward the Meiji government.

It was Magdaria who captured his heart, however she didn't live long enough. His friendship with Kenshin is sometimes confusing since he's torn between the loyalty of his friends and Captain Sagara. He's the most comical character in the series especially when he comes across Saitoh and Chou.