Character Profiles

Shishio Makoto
"Shadow Hitokiri"

Age: ???
Date of birth: August 1848
Notable Characteristic: Bandaged
Fighting Technique:
Guren Kaina

Height : 170 cm
Weight : 59 kg
Blood Type : O
Weapon : Satsujin sword

First Appearance: Episode 30

Person of interest: Komagata Yumi
Personality: Firmly believes that law of nature is survival of the fittest, the weak shall die.

Mini Biography:

Shishio was hired to take the place of Kenshin Himura as the Assasin. When the government has noticed that Shishio became uncontrollable, they decided to kill him. They gunned and burned Shishio but little did they know that he survived the assasination plot.

Feeling bitter about the incident, Shishio plotted to overthrow the Meiji government and rule the country by himself. He formed the Juppon Gatana group, in which they will aid him with his plans of taking over the government. He will kill anyone who'll ruin his plans.

Nobuhiro Watsuki's Free talk: Shishio Makoto (addendum)
Thanks to: Serizawa Kamo's Translation"

-After writing him, I think that this Shishio was a character representative of my evil
philosophy. He's mad, smart, never giving his beliefs up, never caring about preying on others,
having no doubts at all, striving for his goals with an extreme poower. He's the opposite
from Kenshin, except that both of them won't give their beliefs up, but I think every man
has a natrual attraction to the picaresque as one of his ideals. To be honest, in the last
battle I enjoyed drawing Shishio much more than Kenshin.
The only thing I regret is that I wasn't able to draw Shishio's death as I had imagined, but
I can say with confidence that Shishio's last scene, where he walks on a mountain of skulls,
was the best scene of all those bad guys.
I don't think villains like Shishio can make an appearance in Ruroken, but surely I want to
do that in a next work of mine.
----and, I'm sorry. I want to apologise for one thing. About Shishio's techniques, the
Guren Kaina (not to mention Homura Dama). That was nothing but the "Daibakusatsu" from Shura
Kabetsu of Tenkaku Kourin Samurai Spirits. I'M REEEEALLY SORRY, this apology especially to the
SNK people.
But I'm ashamed that I can't promise I won't do it again. I just love Samurai Spirits too
much... I think I'll take it to my grave, together with Neo Geo CDZ and softs and the 500 yen
coin from Jim Lee... Oh man, here's a despicable man.