Character Profiles

Sagara Souzou
"Captain Sagara"

Age: not known
Notable Characteristic: his Sekihoutai unform
Fighting Technique: not known
First Appearance: Episode 4

People close to his heart: his country and Sanosuke

Personality: The charismatic leader of the sekihoutai troop, he's willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his country.

Mini Biography:
Although he doesn't appear much, but he's the person that serves as inspiration for Sanosuke. He's the leader of the Sekihoutai troop fighting for the Meiji government. Sanosuke admired him so much that he adopted the Captain's surname as his own. Things didn't went well when the government falsely accused the whole troop for treason. They were executed by the government but somehow Sanosuke managed to escape with the help of Captain Sagara. However the captain was gunned down and his head was displayed at the town square.