Character Profiles

Yukishiro Tomoe
"Cool Beauty"

Age: 18
Fighting Technique:NONE
Height : ???
Weight : ??
Blood Type : ??
Weapon :??

Person of interest: Kiyosato Akira (fiance), Himura Kenshin (husband)
Personality: Show's no emotion at all, or maybe she's too shy to express it

Mini Biography:
She's engaged to Kiyosato Akira, however she never showed emotion at all. Kiyosato, thought that Tomoe thinks that he's not good enough. So he went out to prove to himself and got into skirmish with Battousai. He never survived the fight, and Tomoe seeks vengeance for his death. Thus the narrative and tragic life of Yukishiro Tomoe starts with a diagonal scar and ends with the final diagonal scar. Battousai was bestowed with an  X-mark on his face caused by ill-fated lovers.

Nobuhiro Watsuki's Free talk: Yukishiro Tomoe
Thanks to: Serizawa Kamo's Translation"

To tell the truth, I don't want to say much, but as this column has "No lies and no hides" as
its motto, I'm telling you. In the beginning, there was no motif for Tomoe. This whole story
was more or less ready since before this series had begun. Then, Tomoe was a "terribly beautiful
woman that shows no feelings", or a "cool beauty", to sum it up (I digress, but when I told a
friend of mine about this "cool beauty", he started laughing hard. Is my idea about "cool
beauty" wrong?) And in these three and half years before her appearance, there was no further
idea to increment the character, so in the end she became a clone of Ayanami from Evangelion. But
although the basis for drama is the feelings of the characters and their changes, a "cool beauty"
is a "cool beauty" only while she shows none of her feelings. I didn't realize that and in the
end she became an entirely different character. To make matters worse, her death was exactly
identical to Yumi's. When I think about Tomoe, I feel not regret, but rather hate of myself.
But Tomoe as a "cool beauty" was fun to draw and I like the character, so I intend to put her
in a next series, and as a 100% Watsuki original "cool beauty"...

- Likewise, the design was taken from Ayanami too. The only original element was the eye with
only one spot of light, because I thought that such eye would represent better the idea of no
feelings shown. But the originality stops here. To tell the truth, after four years running a
series, not only I end up showing more often my feelings than getting into touch with different
feelings, but also I've got less and less time and health to mature ideas and topics to make
them a Watsuki original. This Tomoe depicts faithfully such reality. Now that I ended with Tomoe,
I painstakingly feel that there's a need to change my ways of storytelling, and already I've
started. People who got angry at Tomoe, I beg you to bear a bit more with my manga.