Character Profiles

Ounoma Usui
"Eyes of the Heart"

Age: More or less, same as Shishio
Notable Characteristic: Blindfold, tortoise shell shield
FightingTechnique: Eyes of the Heart 
Weapon: Spear

First Appearance: Episode 44

Person of interest: None
Personality: He feeds on other people's fears to satisfy his ego.

Mini Biography:

He was blinded by Shishio during their confrontation, then he was left in the forest to die. As he lay on the ground, he was driven by his thirst to search for water. He then realized that he acquired the gift of sensitive hearing after he was blinded and developed his fighting skill. By hearing his enemies' heartbeat, he could predict the move and the location of his target, giving him advantage over them. He was recruited by Shishio to join the Juppon Gatana and he made it clear he'll assasinate Shishio anytime.

Only Saitou could see through his schemes and Usui was surprised that he could see through his actions. Saitou was able to kill Usui with his secret technique.