Character Profiles

Myojin Yahiko

Age: 12
Date of birth: January 1869
Notable Characteristic: spiky hair, short
Fighting Technique: "Kamiya Kasshin Ryu"
Height : 128 cm
Weight : 23 kg
Blood Type : B
Weapon : Shinai

Seiyuu: Miina Tominaga

Person of interest: Tsubame

Personality: Short tempered little boy, he never gives up on anything.

Mini Biography:
His father was a samurai who died defending the country. His mother died also from illness. A group of thugs took him and made him work as a pick pocket.

Things changed when Kenshin made him realized about keeping the pride. It was really Kaoru who felt sorry for him and rescued him. He never seemed to get along well with Kaoru. However he admired Kenshin greatly, but was annoyed everytime Kenshin would rather cook, do laundry and baby sit than teaching him the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu.

He seemed affectionate towards Tsubame and helps her in many ways he can. He doesn't want to miss out on the battles Kenshin and Sanosuke is in to even though he was reprimanded to stay out of it.