Character Profiles

Komagata Yumi

Group: Juppon Gatana
Notable Characteristic: Revealing Kimono
Fighting Technique: doesn't have one

First Appearance: Episode 36

People close to her heart: Shishio
Personality: She's willing to do everything to please Shishio and make him happy.

Mini Biography:
Yumi was recruited to be a part of Juppon Gatana after she was discontented on the government. Although she's not a warrior, but she's a big help when it comes to helping and serving Shishio. Her devotion to Shishio in unmatched as compared to Soujiro and the rest of the Juppon Gatana.

It is her greatest dream to be very useful to Shishio, even though Shishio killed her. She still forgave him and was always beside him even in the depths of hell.

Nobuhiro Watsuki's Free talk: Komagata Yumi
Thanks to: Serizawa Kamo's Translation

- There is no motif for her personality. But about the image motif, it's Yumi Kaoru (the name
is the same!), the Ogin from "Mito Koumon", I mean, "Mito Koumon Gaden - Kagerou Ninpouchoh).
At the beginning, all she needed was sex appeal, because to be honest, she began as nothing
but an optional item for Shishio, in order to validate the idea of "sexy woman beside the
bad guys". I myself am amazed at how could she become such a character involved and faithful
to love.
About her death, I've received quite a gamut of opinions, but I chose to be that way because
I thought her happiness would be following Shishio even in hell. (Kenshin asks "where's
happiness in dying?", but for Yumi, happiness lays with Shishio and not with death, so there
was no intention of linking happiness with death.) And I bet Shishio wouldn't want to have
only men like Houji and Usui by his side.

- There was no motif for her design either. I drawed her impromptu, as I intended her to be
just sexy, as I wrote above. However, as I got hooked on Morrigan from "Vampire Hunter",
her sexiness increased 120%, her sholders bare and her clothes almost exposing her breasts.
I've heard that people who are cosplaying Yumi are having tremendous difficulties with that,
which I'm really sorry.Originally, I don't like drawing women, and I was almost giving up on Yumi, but Yumi made me
realise the fun that lies in drawing not only cute gals, but also sexy or evil women. I've
also discovered that a person with a body like Yumi's had to be drawn very carefully in order
to avoid embarrassing poses, and that made me conscious of my lack of training. I've decided
to practise my design more in order to enhance my drawing skills.