Character Profiles

Tsukayama Yutaro

Age: same as Yahiko
Notable Characteristic: light brown hair
FightingTechnique:  Kamiya Kasshin Ryu Kendo
Weapon: Shinai

First apperance: Episode 19

Person of interest:NONE
Personality: He was a spoiled brat at first but he seemed to have great respect toward Kaoru when she taught him kendo

Mini Biography:
He lives in the mansion alone since his parents have passed away. He came from an impressive lineage of Samurai. He seemed to be bratty at first since he's used to get what he wants. He was deceived by Raijuta and was almost brainwashed. Fortunately Kenshin rescued him, his views become different and he was eager to learn Kaoru's Kamiya Kasshin Technique. He emerged as one of Kaoru's best student until his Uncle came and brought him to Germany.