Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction

Circle Game:
by: Kitty Woolfson

It's the year 2000 and Makimachi Misao goes to Yakihata High in Tokyo. So does another boy, she's never really met, named Shinomori Aoshi. One evening she's attacked. Aoshi, who was nearby, saves her and takes her home. The two have strange feelings about each other that they can't identify. Finally they figure out bits and pieces of their past. Then a strange boy with white hair and black glasses shows up.... and he's got a thing for Misao!

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Unlikely love:
by: Kitty Woolfson

Enishi arrives in Osaka and, after a fortuitous meeting with a strange girl, he falls in love. When she's kidnapped by a mysterious group of people, he reluctantly goes to Kenshin for help. As Kenshin, with
Enishi, Sano, Kaoru, Megumi, Saitoh, Aoshi, Misao and Megumi, set out in search of Enishi's lover, they begin to see just how big a foe they're heading towards and just what the sacrafices might be...

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

by: Lety