Unlikely Love: A Rurouni Kenshin Fanfic
by:Kitty Woolfson
First draft of Unlikely Love, 6/2000.

Chapter 2: An Uncomfortable Reunion

Kaoru and Yahiko were sitting on the steps of the dojo, a pitcher of cold water between them. They had been practicing and were taking a break, going easy on themselves. Kenshin was sitting procetctively nearby, too happy to have Kaoru back to let her out of his sight. The peaceful scene was shattered when Megumi came tearing up the hill with Sanosuke on her heels."Enishi! Enishi! He’s back!" They were yelling breathlessly. Kenshin leapt in front of Kaoru, drawing his sword."Where is he?" He demanded, taking charge.

"He’s just coming down the street," Sano gasped, pointing at the two figures. "He’s got a kid with him.""Let’s just wait it out," Kenshin said after a moment. There were cries of surprise. "He may be coming for another reason. Why don’t you go into the dojo anyway, Kaoru-dono," he added turning to the young woman."Not a chance," she snapped, clutching her shinai. "I’m not letting you face him down with just Sano and Yahiko.""Please, Kaoru," he whispered, taking one of her hands, the worry showing through in his tense grip.

"Kenshin, I don’t want to let you go," she replied fiercely. Kenshin gave her a small smile, then turned back to Enishi and the boy. Both were travel-stained and dusty, obviously weary and hungery.The first thing that Kenshin noticed was the way that Enishi walked. He didn’t have the confedent clip that he had before. His shoulders slumped ever so slightly and he dragged his feet. Another thing that stood out was the fact that Enishi was, holding the boy’s hand? It seemed immpossible at first, but it was true. And now the boy was clutching Enishi’s pant leg, trying to hide behind him. Enishi untangled his hands from the fabric and walked with him through the gates of the Kamiya dojo.

Enishi grimaced. It was bad enough that he had to bow to Battousai and ask his help, but to do it in front of all of his friends too. He almost lost his nerve, but the look in Otomi’s eyes when she was dragged off made him swallow his pride and drop to one knee. "Battousai," he said hoarsely. "I appologize for what I did before and ask your forgivness." There were gasps. He gritted his teeth."I forgive you, Enishi," Kenshin said almost immediately. Enishi looked up in surprise. He saw the man he had hated for years, smiling down at him with an understanding expression. "There is something else you want to say, isn’t there?"

"Battousai, I need to ask a favor of you," Enishi replied, dropping his eyes again. "I need to find a person, but I can’t leave Iida alone. Will you watch him until I return?" It hurt so much to say that, but he kept on talking, knowing what it meant to Iida and Otomi."Do you need our help?" Kaoru asked suddenly. Enishi nodded, unable to look into the face of the woman he had kidanpped. "Not only with your friend, but on your quest," she added.

Enishi glanced up in surprise. He was shocked to find her kneeling on the ground in front of him, an earnest look in her eyes. He sat up and smashed into Iita’s legs. The boy grabbed his shoulder. "Nii-chan," he whispered, "What’s gonna happen to me?"Kenshin and co. exchanged glances. ‘Nii-chan?’ they mouthed at each other."Don’t worry, Iita," Enishi said firmly. "No matter what happens, I’ll never let you be alone."

They shared another glance. What had happened to Enishi? He was so, so nice all of a sudden!"Who are these people, Nii-chan?" Iida asked tremulously, clutching his bag to his chest. He pulled the corner of his blanket out of the top and began to wind it between his fingers.Enishi glanced up at Kenshin and Kaoru. They were watching him intently. He wished he could speak his mind (Murdering bastards and crafty wenches!) but Iida came first. "The man is my, my brother-in-law…" He saw Battousai’s eyes widen in surprise. God it hurt to say that! "And the woman is a friend of his."

"The rooster-head man?" Iida asked. Enishi could help but smile at his confusion."Smart kid, Yukishiro," Sanosuke commented dryly. Enishi shot him a glance, but he was smiling too. They all were."No, Iida. The one with the red hair." He nodded and backed away as Kenshin gave him a small grin. Enishi rose and faced Kenshin, the two enemies considering the other with challenging glares."Battousai, I need to find this boy’s sister," Enishi stated firmly. "I would appreciate your help in any way you can give it."Kenshin nodded. "I will help."

Kaoru stepped level with Kenshin. "I will too," she said stubbornly. Enishi gave her surprised glance and Kenshin gave her a tired look. He knew this mood. ‘Just try  to change my mind.’"Can’t forget me," Sano said cheerfully, popping his knuckles.

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