Unlikely Love: A Rurouni Kenshin Fanfic
by:Kitty Woolfson
First draft of Unlikely Love, 6/2000.

Chapter 3: Under His Watchful Eye

"Misao-chan, Aoshi-sama, letter from Himura-kun," Omasu said, standing at the top of the stairs outside their rooms. Misao popped out of her room like a cork and snatched the letter away from her. Aoshi slid open his door and mumbled a thanks, his hand held out for the letter that she didn’t hold anymore."I don’t have it," Omasu said in a cheerful pout, turning away from him. "Don’t look at me." Aoshi glanced away from his book in surprise and heaved a sigh of exasperation when he saw Misao, reading the letter as fast as she could. He got a small surprise when he realized that the letter was sent by bird and not mail."What does he have to say that’s so interesting?" He asked, deftly taking the letter out of Misao’s hands and holding it at his eye level as he read it quickly. ‘Enishi came to us asking for help. A friend of his was kidnapped. We need you to help us bring her back. Himura Kenshin. P.S. Talk to Saitoh’

"Do you know what it means?" Misao asked him."No, but I have a feeling that Mibu’s Wolf got a more detailed letter," he said as he picked up his kodachi and headed out. "Stay here, Misao.""Fat chance, Aoshi-sama!" She snapped with dark glee. "I’m coming too.""Sorry, Shinomori-san," the intern said, snatching after loose papers that squirted out of his arms and all over the floor. Misao began to scramble after them for him. He shot her a relieved smile. "Inspector Fujita just went home. He’ll be in at six tomorrow.""No good," Misao said, placing the papers she had caught on top of the stack in the young man’s arms. "We need to talk to him today."

"Well, if anybody asks, you didn’t get this from me," he whispered as he grabbed a pencile off a nearby desk and scribbled a street name on it."Don’t worry!" Misao took the paper from him as Aoshi turned to go. "We’ll just tell him we knew the whole time!"The two Oniwabanshuu followed the boy’s instructions and found, after no small amout of searching, the house they were looking for. It was simple but large, set back from the main road and wasn’t labled. A modest gate surrounded the whole property. The front was wrought iron and could be closed, though it wasn’t, and the rest was made of stone. It seemed to be unoccupied but the delicious smell waifting from its general area suggested that at least one very good cook lived there. They walked up to the gate and Misao peered in."Anybody home?" she said softly."Go away, weasel girl!" Snapped the voice of a young boy."Eiji!" Misao yelled back. "I need to talk to Saitoh!"

"Too bad! He’s busy!""I’ll hear it from him, thank you very much!"Aoshi nudged her shoulder and she bit off her next comment. He jerked his head discreetly in the direction of the back. Misao nodded with a grin of anticipation."He can’t tell you he’s busy ‘cause he’s busy!" Eiji snapped back."Fine! I’ll just come back later!" Misao took the right immediately after and Aoshi dashed around the left. They leapt onto the wall, Aoshi with considerably more grace than Misao, and they jumped from there onto the roof.

"I got rid of those two, Saitoh," Eiji boasted, sticking his head into the room where Saitoh was sitting. To his surprise the cop didn’t look the least bit pleased."No, you didn’t Eiji," he sighed. As he spoke the door behind him slid open and Aoshi appeared. Misao made a more dramatic enterance through a skylight-ish window in the ceiling. Eiji looked possitively stunned. He looked with eyes popping out of his head at first Misao, then Aoshi, then Saitoh, then backed hastily out of the room. "To what do I owe this pleasure?" Saitou asked sarcastically, rising and lighting a cigarette.

"Himura sent us this letter," Aoshi informed the cop and handed him Kenshin’s message. "What do you know?"Saitoh took the piece of paper from Aoshi and read it as he walked to the door. Misao jumped between him and the exit. He pushed her out of the way carelessly and sweapt down the hall. Misao gave a cry of indignation. Saitoh ignored her and called into the quiet house, "Tokio! Come here for a minute!"

"Who’s Tokio?" Misao mouthed to Aoshi. His brows drew together slightly in a silent gesture of confusion."Tokio?" Saitoh repeated. There was no reply. "Eiji, where’s Tokio?"

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