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11/19 · I've been watching the HBO series Oz and I think everyone loves Orange is the New Black so that got me thinking, why not a prison manga? Let's do this! Prison School
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11/21 · Breaker New Waves 181 11/21 · City of Dead Sorcerer 88-93 Vote! 11/20 · The Gamer Ch 64 11/20 · God of High School 185 11/20 · Magi Ch 247 11/20 · Grappler Baki Ch 93-97 11/20 · Tokyo Ghoul Jack Ch 1-7 11/20 · Kami-sama Iutoori II 84-86 Scare! 11/20 · Tenkuu Shinpan Ch 49-50 Scare! 11/19 · Toriko Ch 302 11/19 · Prison School Vote! 11/19 · 2 New Yaoi/Shonen-ai 11/18 · UQ Holder Ch 58 Vote! 11/18 · Noblesse Ch 346 11/17 · Fairy Tail Ch 409 HQ 11/17 · Feng Shen Ji S3 Ch 30 11/17 · Tokyo Ghoul: Re Ch 6 11/17 · Tower of God S2 Ch 125 Fixed 11/16 · Tough Ch 295-307 11/16 · All Rounder Meguru Ch 94 11/15 · Mahou Sensei Negima! Vote! 11/15 · Inu Yashiki Ch 20 Vote!             View More Past Updates
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  1. Tenkuu Shinpan
  2. UQ Holder!
  3. Mahou Negima!
  4. Inu Yashiki
  5. Cage of Eden
  6. Amer Ghost Jack
  7. Kami-sama Iutoori II

Anime Introduction

Japanese animation, also known as anime, has expanded its popularity throughout the globe. The extremely creative stories told through anime have no boundaries. Individuals that can imagine and are willing to open their minds are in for a magical ride. Quite literally! The vast range of creative stories put even Hollywood to shame. Where else can you find stories where the character's side kick is a juice box with straw legs? How about a story where a young boy's right hand has a living, breathing, miniaturized girl on it? There is just so much you can write a book on outrageously imaginative things that go on in anime. Then of course on the other side of the spectrum are the series that are so moving and touching, they can move you to tears. Simply put, people everywhere in the world are becoming fans of anime, and if you aren't already, you will become one.

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