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Director: Hideaki Anno
Genre: Action, Drama
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+ Death and Rebirth is an amazing recap of the original
+ End of Evangelion gives the series a true ending


Neon Genesis: Death and Rebirth is a recap of the original series. The final movie, End of Evangelion, is exactly that; the end. It is the finale to the epic series that is Evangelion and is a must see.

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Score of 3 out of 5
Death and Rebirth: 3 out of 5

Score of 5 out of 5
End of Evangelion: 5 out of 5 · An Unequivocal Recommendation

Death and Rebirth / End of Evangelion
Movie Review

Written by: Enishi on 6/29/2002


The End of Evangelion is the ending for the series that fans craved for. Most people were disappointed with how Gainax ended the television airing. The last two episodes of the original Neon Genesis: Evangelion left something to be desired, to say the least. Years later, enter Neon Genesis: Death and Rebirth. The first of two Evangelion movies released is little more than a recap of the original series. From the first angel to the last, Death and Rebirth goes through each battle, and shows the major highlights of the series. Now that's all good and well, but do fans really need a movie that shows almost exactly what the series did? In my opinion, yes. For the large amount of people still virgin to the Neon Genesis: Evangelion series, the first movie is a great way to get an understanding of the overall story and feel. But the real jewel is End of Evangelion. The final movie released by Gainax is the definitive ending to the epic series. Almost all questions that remained after the series ended are answered. The fate of each cast member is revealed, giving a final breath to Evangelion. Since the first movie is little more than recap, I will be reviewing End of Evangelion, the more important of the two movies.


The animation in End of Evangelion is superb to say the least. Characters animate much more fluidly than their television counterparts. One scene in particular stands out. *SLIGHT SPOILER* The best animation is shown in the magnificent battle between Asuka and the completed EVA series. Asuka's hair swirls and flits about in a realistic fashion. You can really imagine just how hectic things are for her in that small cockpit of hers just by watching how her hair reacts. Characters facial expressions remain well drawn out. All the emotion felt by the characters is successfully translated on screen. One of the best additions made by Gainax is the inclusion of CG. I wont tell what is CG, but when you see it for yourself you will be amazed at just how incredible the visuals are.

The sound presented in the movie is fantastic. All explosions, dialogue, everything is sounded out very powerfully. Presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital, the entire movie is a feast for the auditory senses. EVA's move in with both a mechanical and organic sound, and gunfire careens through speakers in a very convincing fashion. One peculiar note is the choice of Turn Back Time at perhaps the movies most critical moment. I personally like the song, and although it seems out of place it really isn't.

The original story was groundbreaking, as I stated in my review of Neon Genesis Evangelion. But the ending was highly disappointing and left many stones unturned. The final leg of the story is now complete, and I can sum it up in one word- awesome. Now the initial feel of hearing that something is awesome leads you to believe it is wonderful. But that is a common error among people today. Awesome is derived from awe which is neither positive nor negative. But the movie simply makes you stare at certain points in awe, be it good or bad. There are so many revelations and turning points that you simply want to replay the scene that just occurred, just to see what happened once more. All you Evangelion fans out there know, this series is not happy or upbeat. It is dark and cruel, and End of Evangelion follows that same pattern.


Death and Rebirth is an amazing recap of the events of the original. The End of Evangelion is the series true ending. The End of Evangelion is even split into two episodes, with credits for the first half playing in the middle of the movie. DON'T STOP WATCHING! Just fast forward or skip ahead. People in Japan actually left the theater in confusion after seeing that. The second movie gives all NG:E fans what they crave for. There is trust, betrayal, love, friendship, fighting and even some fanfare (although peculiarly placed). As soon as they are released in the states, watch the movies. If you are new to EVA, get both. But if you are a NG:E vet like I am, just spring for the End of Evangelion. The final leg of Evangelion is a good one, and should not disappoint.

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