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Anime Reviews

In an ideal world anime fans could watch every single possible series/movie for free. No worries about money; or for those who download fansubs, no concern for time. However, anime isn't like that. Time is money, and well frankly money is money! You can ask any anime fan out there and they'll tell you that it is an expensive hobby. Maybe it's not as expensive as collecting cars, but it's definitely not cheap. Any real fan would concede to purchasing numerous DVD's, mech figurines, toys, and everything Japanese-related. The worst thing you can do is purchase a series and get buyer's remorse because it was simply that bad. Because of that notion we have devoted hours of our time in watching and writing these anime reviews so you can make a good decision. We still encourage you to watch as much anime as possible, even the subpar series because without them it's hard to tell what makes a series good.

Featured Anime ReviewErgo Proxy

Ergo Proxy Science fiction stories dealing with the consequences of our robots becoming self aware are common place. While Ergo Proxy may resemble previous explorations of this theme such as Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, it manages to find its own style and voice. Although occasionally weighed down by exposition and "talking head" syndrome, its interesting characters and use of philosophic and mythic symbolism help rise above the Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell clones produced by other anime studios. Fans of post cyberpunk, "future noir", or even a good mystery should give this series a try. Read More

Anime List

Title: Length: Genre: Rating: Reviewer:
Trigun 26 Episodes Action 3 Raye
Blade of the Immortal 13 Episodes Action 4.5 Frank Chavez
Read or Die (OVA) Action 3 James Lin
Evangelion: End of Evangelion (Movie) Action 5 Enishi
Evangelion: Death and Rebirth (Movie) Action 3 Enishi
Neon Genesis Evangelion 26 Episodes Action 5 Enishi
Kite (OVA) Action 2 Frank Chavez
One Piece 99+ Episodes Adventure 5 Raye
Juuousei 11 Episodes Adventure 2 Raye
Porco Rosso (Movie) Adventure 3 Frank Chavez
Steamboy (Movie) Adventure 3.5 Frank Chavez
Akira (Movie) Adventure 5 Frank Chavez
Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro (Movie) Adventure 3 Frank Chavez
Nausicaa of the Valley of Winds (Movie) Adventure 4 Frank Chavez
Samurai 7 26 Episodes Adventure 4 Frank Chavez
Black Lagoon 12 Episodes Adventure 4.5 Frank Chavez
A Cheeky Angel 50 Episodes Comedy 4 Frank Chavez
My Neighbors the Yamadas (Movie) Comedy 3.5 Frank Chavez
Armitage III (OVA) Cyberpunk 3 Frank Chavez
Bartender 11 Episodes Drama 4 Frank Chavez
Full Moon wo Sagashite 52 Episodes Drama 5 James Lin
Beck 26 Episodes Drama 4.5 Raye
Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen (OVA) Drama 4 Frank Chavez
Serial Experiments: Lain 13 Episodes Drama 4.5 Frank Chavez
Shadow Star Narutaru 13 Episodes Drama 1 James Lin
Death Note 37 Episodes Drama 2.5 Frank Chavez
Aishiteruze Baby 26 Episodes Drama 4 James Lin
Spirited Away (Movie) Fantasy 5 Frank Chavez
Code Geass 25 Episodes Fantasy 3 Frank Chavez
Claymore 26 Episodes Fantasy 3 Frank Chavez
Castle in the Sky (Movie) Fantasy 4 Frank Chavez
Pom Poko (Movie) Fantasy 4 Frank Chavez
Wolf's Rain 26 Episodes Fantasy 3 Frank Chavez
Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (Movie) Fantasy 4 Frank Chavez
Mushi-Shi 26 Episodes Fantasy 5 Frank Chavez
Howl's Moving Castle (Movie) Fantasy 3.5 Frank Chavez
Kiki's Delivery Service (Movie) Fantasy 4 Frank Chavez
My Neighbor Totoro (Movie) Fantasy 4 Frank Chavez
X 24 Episodes Fantasy 4.5 James Lin
Princess Mononoke (Movie) Fantasy 5 Frank Chavez
Lunar Legend Tsukihime 12 Episodes Fantasy 3 Raye
Last Exile 26 Episodes Fantasy 3.5 Frank Chavez
Berserk 25 Episodes Fantasy 5 James Lin
The Cat Returns (Movie) Fantasy 3 Frank Chavez
Shakugan no Shana 24 Episodes Fantasy 4 Raye
The Law of Ueki 51 Episodes Fighting 3 Raye
Kaze No Yojimbo 25 Episodes Film Noir 4.5 Frank Chavez
Elfen Lied 14 Episodes Horror 3 James Lin
Trinity Blood 24 Episodes Horror 4 Frank Chavez
Hellsing 13 Episodes Horror 3 Frank Chavez
Ergo Proxy 23 Episodes Mystery 4 Frank Chavez
Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien 14 Episodes Romance 2 James Lin
Nodame Cantabile 23 Episodes Romance 3 Frank Chavez
Chobits 26 Episodes Romance 4 James Lin
Rumbling Hearts 14 Episodes Romance 2 James Lin
Vampire Knight 26 Episodes Romance 1 Frank Chavez
Fruits Basket 26 Episodes Romance 3.5 Frank Chavez
Suzuka 26 Episodes Romance 3.5 Raye
Karas: The Prophecy / Revelation (Movie) Sci-Fi 3 Frank Chavez
Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig 26 Episodes Sci-Fi 4 Frank Chavez
Amatsuki 13 Episodes Sci-Fi 4 Frank Chavez
Paprika (Movie) Sci-Fi 4.5 Frank Chavez
Heroic Age 26 Episodes Sci-Fi 3 Frank Chavez
Chrome Shelled Regios 24 Episodes Sci-fi 2.5 Frank Chavez
Casshern Sins 24 Episodes Sci-Fi 3 Frank Chavez
Loveless 12 Episodes Shonen-ai 1.5 Frank Chavez
Prince of Tennis 99+ Episodes Sports 4.5 Raye
Hoop Days 26 Episodes Sports 2 Enishi
Air Gear 25 Episodes Sports 3 Frank Chavez
Hajime no Ippo 75 Episodes Sports 4.5 Enishi
Noir 26 Episodes Thriller 3.5 Frank Chavez
Devil May Cry 12 Episodes Video Game 2.5 Frank Chavez
Now and Then Here and There 13 Episodes War 5 James Lin
Grave of the Fireflies (Movie) War 4.5 Frank Chavez
Area 88 12 Episodes War 4 Frank Chavez
Saikano 13 Episodes War 2.5 James Lin

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