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- Godo

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Without a doubt, this is my favorite series of all time. Berserk is nothing like anything I've ever seen before. It's not just an anime, it's an obsession. You can say that about other anime series but until you've felt the power of Berserk, you don't know what "obsession" is. I can't really describe it, but hopefully this section will convince you to watch Berserk for the first time, or like me, for the 100th time.

Berserk was created by Kentarou Miura. The anime series began on October 1997. The manga, however, started as far back as 1989 and is still in the works! The creator of Berserk is well-known for his long breaks between each manga volume but rest assure, the quality is superb, and more is on the way. Most fans started off watching the anime series which is short and currently only one season (25 episodes). They are being distributed Region 1 (USA) by Media-Blasters.

Guts, the main character, is not bound by destiny. Every man and living thing has a destiny. Gut's destiny was to die young, underneath his mom's hanging body. He didn't die. Fate and destiny no longer control him. Guts is in charge with his own future...

Many questions are asked in the first episode because we are introduced to this main character when he's older. A mysterious brand, a world in chaos, a mortal enemy. These are all things Guts faces as an adult but the animated series focuses on his years before that. Ever since Guts was found underneath a corpse, he has been fighting. He lives to fight and to swing his sword. He joins with a group of mercenaries called the Band of the Hawk led by their leader Griffith. Other members in this group are some of the best anime characters I've ever seen because they are realistic. They include: Caska, Corkus, Judeau, Pippin, and Rickert.

The Band of the Hawk win every fight they encounter and because of this, their leader, Griffith, rises in rank dramatically. Griffith, born a peasent, has goals higher then any man in his class can achieve. His eyes are set on the Midland Kingdom's Castle. He will do anything to achieve it. Along with Guts and the other Hawks, anything is possible.

This is an epic story of something so incredible that my little introduction does nothing for it. This section, unlike my others, is for those who are finished watching the series and want more. Since the anime series has only 1 season which covers about 1/3rd the manga, of course there are going to be millions of questions asked. The Berserk section will help provide you with manga information, questions and answers, and of course, multimedia.

If your new to the series and haven't watched a second of the show, I suggest getting your hands on the series. More information can be found at the information page. If your new to Berserk, be sure to check out the FAQ.
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