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9/12/2019 · It's been a while since I updated. That revamped site hasn't really come to fruition yet. I've decided to dabble in some video game streaming which you can find on the homepage so hope you check out some of my latest videos and subscribe if you enjoy them :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why don't you host more of Manga Series? Why should I have to buy it?
A. The reason is because I want everyone to support the English manga releases. In Japan people buy the books/magazines so why should it be any different in America? Just because the Internet is around doesn't mean you should try to get everything for free. One day you'll grow up and think about all of the things you have in life - all pixels on a harddrive that will crash one day.

Q. Why can't I view manga scans and/or watch the anime video?
A. This website uses Macromedia Flash on some of the manga scans and all of the anime video, so be sure to enable it on your browser (though typically it is enabled by default.) If you aren't sure you have Flash installed, you can get it free from here.

Q. How long does it take for you to reply back to me?
A. I try to check my email often but life can get busy so be patient with replies. Please don't ask me questions that can be found by searching on Google or Wikipedia.

Q. Why is my antivirus saying your site is bad?
A. I've received this question a few times and the bottom line is my website does NOT have viruses. I've received these questions from people using Internet Explorer 6, easily one of the most virus-prone browsers out there. I've used countless virus-free computers to access this website and no antivirus program has ever told me my site was infected. I believe that those emailing my asking why my site says it's infected already have pre-existing viruses on their computer because they haven't taken the measures to protect their computer.

Every computer needs to either have the updated Internet Explorer, or updated versions of other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. Windows users should do some research and get good programs like Microsoft Security Essentials or other antivirus programs.

Q. Can I donate to your site?
A. No, please save your money for buying the actual graphic novels.

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