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What is Mangajin?

Mangajin was created in the early 90's as a monthly English publication for students of the Japanese language. Unlike most text books that focused solely on teaching people Japanese through boring text, Mangajin was different in that it focused on showing readers a page of manga and then a page of English translations. As great of an idea that this sounds today, it didn't catch on in the 90's and Mangajin ended in 1996. Now manga in America is as popular as ever, which is why I have decided to put Mangajin onto this web site. Fans of Japanese manga and who are looking to learn Japanese will undoubtedly find Mangajin very useful!

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· Volume 02
· Volume 03
· Volume 04
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· Volume 06
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Note: If images are not large enough, click the "Full Size" link to open the original image which is considerably larger. Also note, do not laugh at all the MS DOS and 3.5" hard disk ads in there - that's what we used to use! /tears

Japanese Language

As a native English speaker, there are very few languages as intimidating to learn as Japanese. Aforementioned, if you are looking to learn Japanese, prepare to sit through countless textbooks. Fortunately with Mangajin you can easily practice by looking at something you actually enjoy: manga! I've received countless emails throughout the years saying that the English manga scans I post on the site are very useful for them. They purchase the actual Japanese manga and then compare it with scans on this site. When I ran into Mangajin, I thought that this was beyond perfect for those looking to learn the language.

After all, many young people interested in the Japanese language are interested because of their obsession with Japanese anime and manga. I hope this section becomes useful and enlightening for viewers. Mangajin has helped me learn the Japanese language; although I am still not fluent in it I am getting better at it with practice.

The benefits of learning Japanese are extremely useful. Not only would it further increase your chances at a job/career, it would increase your fascination with anime/manga a million times over! Did you know manga in Japan is much cheaper than it's English counterpart? A $10 dollar manga in English would cost a mere $4 dollars in Japan! Learn Japanese and you will never need to rely on English manga or scanlations again!

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