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Anime Video · Claymore

This anime feature is the anime series Claymore.

Claymore is one of the best new anime series that has come out recently. This series really reminds me of Berserk because the fantasy setting and both series' violent themes are similar. There have been negative comparisons between the two, with lots of people complaining that Claymore copies Berserk; of course I don't feel this way. They're both different and they are both very entertaining. Be the judge yourself!

Now Playing Episode 1:

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Support Official Release

Please support the official release by purchasing the DVD's. Getting free anime from here is great, I know, but anime wasn't meant to be viewed in such low quality. Treat yourself to the actual DVD release and bask in the beautiful animation and 5.1 surround sound!

Note: Claymore, as of 10/2007, has not been released in America. When it is released, please support it by purchasing the Claymore DVDs. The manga on the other hand has been released. If you enjoyed the anime, you will love the manga; please support it by purchasing the manga!

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