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Anime Video · Nana

This anime video feature is the anime series Nana.

Nana has been one of the most popular shoujo manga scans this site has ever hosted. Great manga series typically lead to great anime series, which is what we have here. Nana, the anime, is a touching 47 episode series that everyone can enjoy, not just fans of shoujo.

Now Playing Episode 10:

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· Episode 1
· Episode 2
· Episode 3
· Episode 4
· Episode 5
· Episode 6
· Episode 7
· Episode 8
· Episode 9
· Episode 10
· Episode 11
· Episode 12
· Episode 13

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Support Official Release

Please support the official release by purchasing the DVD's. Getting free anime from here is great, I know, but anime wasn't meant to be viewed in such low quality. Treat yourself to the actual DVD release and bask in the beautiful animation and 5.1 surround sound!

Note: Nana, as of 10/2007, is still being released in Region 1 English. Be sure to support this great series by purchasing the DVDs!

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Title: Shown: Genre: Rating:
Bartender 11 Episodes Drama, Slice of Life 4
Blade of the Immortal 1 Episode Action, Fantasy 4.5
Cheeky Angel 50 Episodes Comedy, Fantasy 4
Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger (On-Going) Sports, Action 5
Nodame Cantabile (On-Going) Romance, Comedy 3
Hunter X Hunter 92 Episodes Action, Fantasy 3
Vampire Knight 26 Episodes Romance, Fantasy 3

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