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65 Find Missing Treasure! Great Treasure Hunting Dog, Notarou.
66 Happy Kaoru. Kenshin's Proposal!?
67 Shining Legendary Sword! Mysterious Swordmaster, Amakusa Shougo.
68 A Medallion of Destiny. Sanosuke and Sayo Meet.
69 The Place of Battle. Shimabara! Judgement Day of Who is the Chosen.
70 The Impact of the Rai Ryu Sen. Kenshin is Sentenced to the Dark!
71 Kaiou's Conspiracy. Shougo's Trapped!
72 The Reminiscent Days... Shougo and Sayo's Painful Past.
73 Evil With a Sneer! Shouzo, Karyu's Damaged in the Explosion.
74 Sanosuke's Tears... Eternal Separation Between Them.
75 Final Holy Battle.... Crash Together Two Ama Kakeru Ryuu No Hirameki!
76 The Sea of Departure... Hope Will Surf Over the Sadness.
77 Himura Dojo in Shimonoseki? Another Battousai Appears.
78 The Girl Who Longs For Her Art Student... Love Shock in Hakone Hot Springs.
79 Katsu Kaishu and Kenshin... Fated Survivors From the End of The Edo Dynasty.
80 The Never Ending of Edo Dynasty... Kaishu's Mission of Fate.
81 Beni Aoi's Trap... Ghosts of the Edo Dynasty Haunt Kaishu!
82 The Decision of Katsu Kaishu. The Truth Beyond the Era.
83 Yutarou Returns. The Ambitions of the Black Knights Hide in the Shadows.
84 Sanada Ninja and the Divine Medicine. Their Leader, Misanagi's Goal.
85 A Puzzling Journey. The Trap of Holy Crossing Has Been Laid!
86 Dancing Underground. Red Day Fly Cutthroat! Sanada Sasshin.
87 Schneider's Bet. The Collapse of the Black Knights.
88 Two Other Directions Yahiko and Yutarou's Eternal Promise.
89 To My Angel Misao... Special Delivery from Kyoto.
90 Fusui's Surprise Attack! The Mystery of the Satanic Pentagram.
91 Resist the Fusui's Magical Power. Next Target: the Kamiya Dojo!
92 Tokyo's Under Martial Law! Strike of the Spiral Weapon, Ryu Myaku.
93 The Enemy Awaits in Senjo Gahara! Searching for the Hisui Crest.
94 The Elegy of the Wind and the Water Now They Make Desperate Efforts Here!
95 Between Scarlet and Emerald are in the Boom of the Waves.