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Honjou KamatariName: Honjou Kamatari
Age: 29
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Kamatari looks like a girl, but is really not. Don't get mixed up; Kamatari is actually a guy. It is not known exactly how Kamatari met up with Shishio or even got a position in the Juppon Gatan. However, what is known is that Kamatari has an obsession for Shishio. His rival is Yumi, Shishio's real girlfriend. Kamatari will stop at nothing to prove that he loves Shishio.

The weapon Kamatari wields is quite heavy, a combination of a scythe and ball and chain. Although powerful, Kamatari's real downfall is his defense. When he heard of Shishio's death, Kamatari became heartbroken. However, the government offered jobs to all of the surviving Juppon Gatana. It took Chou, former Juppon Gatana, now private detective, to convince (with some lying) Kamatari into becoming a posing international exchange student that infiltrates advanced nations as a female spy.