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The story of Rurouni Kenshin actually begins at the end of the Tokugawa Era, also known as the Edo Period to some. A young boy named Himura Kenshin takes on the job of killing those who are ranked high in the Edo Government. The group Kenshin is aligned with is known as the Choshou Clan. The clan's leader, Katsura Kogoro, wishes to bring down the current government in order to build a new one named Meiji. By killing so much people, Kenshin is recognized for his skill, thus earning the nickname Hitokiri Battousai.

A few years later, however, Kenshin had quit his job as the number one killer and converted into a peaceful rurouni (wandering samurai), fighting those who do wrong with his reversed blade sword, the Sakabatou. Still, Kenshin is known as the Hitokiri Battousai by his recognizable cross scar. Those who think they can take on the Battousai try, forcing Kenshin into a fight. In his travels, Kenshin wanders into Tokyo one day, where he meets up and eventually ends up living with a girl named Kaoru.

If you think Rurouni Kenshin is just your typical samurai hack-and-slash series, think again. Rurouni Kenshin combines elements of action, drama, and comedy. The entire series consists of four OAV episodes, ninety-five television episodes, one movie, and twenty-eight manga volumes. There is much Japanese history and culture involved, but don't fret, you'll end up loving every minute of Kenshin! The story, plot, characters, music, action, and drama of Rurouni Kenshin are considered some of the best by anime otaku. Even though Rurouni Kenshin made it's debut in the mid 90's, there are still many fans of it to this date, considering that it still has yet to air in any other place except Japan.