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Ama Kakeru Ryuu no Hirameki
Part Two of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu's Succession Technique; a Battou Jutsu stances that leads with the left leg. Only those who have the will to live can learn this technique. The attacker will attack as normal, and the user will use the Ama Kakeru Ryuu no Hirameki to defend and counterattack. To acquire it, the inheritor must defend from his master's Kuzu Ryu Sen. The technique is so powerful that usually, masters of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu die when teaching their students.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

The user flips onto his opponent's shoulders into a handstand position. There, he pinches the nerves on his opponet's neck and keeps the hold locked on as he falls behind his opponent, using the momentum to throw him.
User(s): Inui Banjin

Battou Jutsu
The user draws his sword from his sheath so quickly, he can kill with a single stroke. If he misses, the user is left open.
User(s): Anyone (Though, Himura Kenshin is best known for it, as was given the nickname Battousai due to his skill in the technique.)

Benten Mawashi
The user inserts two hooks from his scythe's handle into the openings of a chain. Once secured, the user hurls the spinning chain at his target.
User(s): Honjou Kamatari

Chou Ten Tou Sei
The user uses his sword to vault himself to his airborne opponent, who he attacks immediately after.
User(s): Yukishiro Enishi

Do Ryu Sen
The user swings his sword upwards near the ground, causing an uprise of dirt and rocks to be sent at his target. Although Do Ryu Sen is not a very powerful technique, it is used as a set up for a devestating move, since it does catch its opponents off guard.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

Dosha no Bouheki
The user throws up dirt and rubble from the ground with the usage of his claw, generating an attack or creating a barrier around him.
User(s): Yatsume Mumyoui

Ensatsu Gokoukon
The user attacks his opponent with an uppercut-like hit using all of his strength with a tonfa.
User(s): Okina

Futae no Kiwami
Using almost any part of his body (head, elbows, fists, knees, feet), the user can cause a solid object to turn into nothing more than ash. If the technique fails to obliterate its target, it leaves a very large dent. Futae no Kiwami can also be used on the surface of water to cause an uprise. (Note: Sano can only use the Futae no Kiwami with his right fist.)
User(s): Yuukyuuzan Anji and Sagara Sanosuke

Gatotsu Ishiki
Gatotsu First Stance; the user holds his sword with his left hand and leads with his right, charging forward and thrusting the weapon. Gatotsu Ishiki can also be used without a weapon. (Note: All Gatotsu stances are left-handed.)
User(s): Saitou Hajime and Sawagejou Chou

Gatotsu Nishiki
Gatotsu Second Stance; the user slices diagonally up and down with his sword.
User(s): Saitou Hajime

Gatotsu Sanshiki
Gatotsu Third Stance; anti-air stance. When the attacker is in the air, the user will thrust his sword upwards, preventing the attacker from harming him.
User(s): Saitou Hajime

Gatotsu Zeroshiki
Gatotsu Zero Stance; the user uses all of his upper body strength when thrusting his sword into his enemy.
User(s): Saitou Hajime

Gokou Juuji
The user, holding two swords, crosses his arms in a 'X' position and moves them outwards. Usually placed on the opponent's shoulders so the user can slice his neck.
User(s): Shinomori Aoshi

The user lunges his arm at his opponent's neck, hitting them with his bicep.
User(s): Tatsumi and Inui Banjin

Guren Kaina
The user cuts his gunpowder soaked glove with his heated sword, forcing it to explode.
User(s): Shishio Makoto

Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu's Succession Technique; the user crosses his arms when his opponent's weapon is coming towards him. Once the weapon is near, the user brings his hands together to trap the weapon in between them. Following, the user must quickly disarm his opponent, leaving the opponent wide open for an attack. If the user fails to do so, he is left wide open instead.
User(s): Kamiya Kaoru and Myoujin Yahiko

Hi Ryu Sen
The user draws his sword with his left hand, sending the hilt of it flying toward its target like an arrow.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

Homura Dama
The user scrapes a solid object with his sword, igniting a fire.
User(s): Shishio Makoto

The user slashes his sword at the ground, causing a powerful gust of wind to cut the surface.
User(s): Isurugi Raijuuta

Jigen Ryu
The user focuses his strength into one powerful slash from his sword, however, leaving him opponent if he misses.
User(s): Satsuma Policemen

The user scraps his sword's tip on his scabbard, igniting a tornado of fire around his sword.
User(s): Shishio Makoto

Kaishi Tou Sei
The user blocks his opponent's attack with the hilt of his sword, then quickly maneuvers it around behind him, thrusting into wherever his opponent is open.
User(s): Yukishiro Enishi

Kaiten Kenbu
The user leaps into the air and quickly slashes his opponent's chest three times across.
User(s): Shinomori Aoshi

Kaiten Kenbu Roku Ren
The user leaps into the air and spins around, attacking his opponent six times in a row, slashing in various directions with two swords.
User(s): Shinomori Aoshi

Kansatsu Tobi Kunai
The user leaps into the air and releases numerous kunais at his opponent.
User(s): Makimachi Misao

Kansatsu Tobi Kunai Kawasemi no Hashi
Using his superior eyesight, the user can accurately hit a target that is difficult to see.
User(s): Makimachi Misao

Kecho Giri
Basically, a flying kick to the head.
User(s): Makimachi Misao

Kiwami Hazushi
The ability to neutralize the impact of the Futae no Kiwami by hitting one's own self with the same technique.
User(s): Yuukyuuzan Anji and Sagara Sanosuke

Ko Fuku Zet Tou Sei
The user sinks down into the ground, extending his right leg and keeping his left bent inwards. Arms extended and sword held parallel behind his right arm, he brings his weapon up when ready with both hands holding its hilt, lunging forward and striking his opponent with all of his upper body strength.
User(s): Yukishiro Enishi

Kuzu Ryu Sen
Part One of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu's Succession Technique; the user attacks the nine vital parts of the body (head, left shoulder, right shoulder, left arm, right arm, left waist, right waist, between the legs, and chest) all at once with blinding speed.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

Midare Benten
The user spins his scythe and ball and chain combination weapon around so that it both attacks and defends him.
User(s): Honjou Kamatari

Modoshi Giri
A technique where the user can cut something and not destroy it completely. The object "destroyed" is able to be put back together simply without any marks of a cut.
User(s): Himura Kenshin

Onmyou Hasshi
The user throws two swords forward in a straight line so it looks as though there is only one sword coming. The first sword "covers" the second. Before the throw, the user bumps the butt of the first sword with the tip of the second.
User(s): Shinomori Aoshi

Onmyou Kousa
The user strikes his opponent's weapon with one sword, then brings down his second to form a 'X' position, causing the weapon to be cut in half.
User(s): Shinomori Aoshi

Pouken Pougyoku Hyakka Ryouran
The user hits his opponent repeatedly with a spear and ball combination weapon.
User(s): Uonuma Usui

Ryu Kan Sen
When the opponent is left open, the user swings his sword back, if positioned on the side, hitting the back of his opponent's neck. Ryu Kan Sen is not much of an attack, it is more of a counter.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

Ryu Kan Sen Arashi
The user curls up into a ball and rolls forward, attacking with his sword extended.
User(s): Himura Kenshin

Ryu Kan Sen Kogarashi
Basically, a more powerful version of the Ryu Kan Sen.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

Ryu Kan Sen Tsumuji
Another more powerful version of the Ryu Kan Sen with more speed required to land a more powerful hit. Because of this, the attack has a low chance of hitting.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

Ryu Mei Sen
The user quickly sheathes his sword, creating a piercing sound that distorts the hearing of those with enhanced sense.
User(s): Himura Kenshin

Ryu Sho Sen
The user holds his sword with both hands, positioning it upwards. From there, he jumps up and hits his opponent below the chin or directly on the neck.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

Ryu Sou Sen
The user attacks his opponent's vital parts at a high speed, not simultaneously.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

Ryu Sou Sen Garami
The user focuses on attacking one of his opponent's vital parts at high speed.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

Ryu Tsui Sen
The user jumps up into the air and comes down hard, slamming his sword upon a body part of his opponent.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou, Himura Kenshin, and Myoujin Yahiko

Ryu Tsui Sen Zan
Same thing as the Ryu Tsui Sen, except, the user pierces his opponent, rather than slamming him.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

Ryu Tsui Sho Sen
A combination of the Ryu Tsui Sen and Ryu Sho Sen; the user jumps up into the air, slams his sword on a body part of his opponent, then concludes the attack by pushing his sword upwards at the neck of his opponent, if he is still standing after the Ryu Tsui Sen part.
User(s): Himura Kenshin

Ryuusui no Ugoki
The user circles around his oponnent like flowing water, making it difficult for his opponent to see from where he will strike.
User(s): Okina and Shinomori Aoshi

Sanjuu no Kiwami
A hands-only modification of the Futae no Kiwami. The user strikes his target with his knuckles, then clenches his fist, hitting him with it, and follows up by snapping all five fingers out.
User(s): Sagara Sanosuke

Sen Ran Tou Sei
The user sinks into the ground, extending his right leg and keeping his left bent inwards. Arms extended and sword held out, he proceeds to spin rapidly on his left foot and continually attacks while doing so.
User(s): Yukishiro Enishi

Shikku Tou Sei
An airborne attack where the user strikes his opponent with an overhead slash.
User(s): Yukishiro Enishi

Shin Gan
The user is able to see people's moves, emotions, and thoughts, only if he is blind.
User(s): Uonuma Usui

Shin no Ippou
The Shin no Ippou feeds off people's fears. If they are afraid, the technique can either paralyze or choke them to death. However, the technique can also be shaken off. It can also be used to hypnotize the user, bringing out his full power.
User(s): Udou Jin'e

Shiraha Dori
A defensive technique in which the user grabs his opponent's weapon, preventing it from hitting him, with his own two hands. It is a technique meant to only stop weapons such as swords and katanas and is unknown if it will work against any other types.
User(s): Himura Kenshin

Shou Ha Tou Sei
The user hits the blunt side of his sword with his free hand to enhance the moment and impact of his downwards strike.
User(s): Yukishiro Enishi

Shun Ten Satsu
The user accelerates his speed so much that he cannot be seen, then executes the Battou Jutsu.
User(s): Seta Soujirou

Shuugeki Tou Sei
The user kicks the blunt side of his sword to enhance the momentum and impact of his upwards strike.
User(s): Yukishiro Enishi

Sou Ryu Sen
The user uses Battou Jutsu and when/if his sword is blocked, he uses his sheath to get in a hit.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

Sou Ryu Sen Ikazuchi
The user attacks first with his sheath and when/if it is blocked, he draws his sword to get in a hit.
User(s): Hiko Seijuurou and Himura Kenshin

Tobi Izuna
Same thing as the Izuna, but instead, it can be propelled into the air, rather than having to slash near the ground.
User(s): Isurugi Raijuuta

Using a weapon, the user can focus the Futae no Kiwami into a certain direction that travels on the ground.
User(s): Yuukyuuzan Anji

An iron cutting technique. Using his weapon, the user can cut through any size of iron as long as he's not underwater.
User(s): Himura Kenshin