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Creator: Park Sung Woo
Genre: Super Natural
Length: 2 Volumes
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+ Amazing artwork

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3.5 out of 5

Black God Manga Review

Written by: Karthon


Ibuki Keita is a game programmer whose mother vanished many years ago. This happened the day after his mother encountered a woman looking exactly like her. Since then he's been taken care of by Sano Akane, a childhood friend, who raised him in lieu of his father (who was always at work).

Now, year later, he encounters a young girl one night at a ramen stand. For some reason, he's compelled the tell the owner of the ramen stand about the doppelganger which made his mother die, but the girl explains that the correct term is "doppel-liner." Apparently, for each person born, there are two others born with the same body and same mind, although they may be born in different places in the world. Effectively, there is 1 spirit split amongst 3 people, in the proportions 50%, 30%, and 20%. If the three come in contact with eachother, the 50% one absorbs the other two into itself, reuniting the spirit. So Keita's mother must've been one of the lesser two portions of the spirit, and that's why she died.

The girl's name is Kuro, a mototsunmitama. She's a superior being, who's capable of using supernatural forces in combat. Unfortunately, right after meeting Keita, she's attacked and Keita loses his arm in the ensuing conflict. In order to help him survive, she attaches her arm to Keita, and attaches Keita's arm to herself (her innate regenerative powers will help both of them heal properly before re-swapping the arms again). However that means that she's currently weakened, being able to bring forth only around 50% of her abilities when she's not around Keita. Now Keita has been drawn into a battle between various mototsunmitama clans. Will he ever be able to return to his former lifestyle?


The art for this series is amazing. The characters (both facial features and clothing) are highly detailed, and the backgrounds are gorgeous. There are plenty of color pages as well. The battle scenes are very well rendered, allowing the reader to follow the battle even without text. So far, since only 8 chapters have been scanslated, there's been very little character development. That said, I do enjoy the characters so far, as their reactions to the situations are realistic. For example, upon learning that his arm was replaced, Keita says that Kuro's lying and tries to throw her out of his house, without even listening to the complete explaination.

The plot hasn't developed too far (as the series is still young). I've got high hopes for the plot, although I'm a bit worried it will fall into the typical two-person tag-team fighting pit (where the two keep reinforcing each other to defeat ever stronger opponents, without really developing any other characters). If you're looking for a series with great art, try Black God.

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