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Creator: Daichi Banjo
Genre: Sports
Length: 29 Volumes


+ Fantastic background art
– Story is rushed
– Stereotypical characters

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Score of 2.5 out of 5
2.5 out of 5

Dan Doh!! Manga Review

Written by: Karthon


Tadamichi Aoba is an elementry school student. He's an extremely talented batter, and spends most of his time training with his two friends, Yuka Sanada and Kohei Ooike. One day, through an odd chain of events, he ends up being introduced to golf by the principal. The prinicipal mentions in passing, the a pro-golfer can win 30 million yen by winning a single tournament. It turns out that years ago, when he was just a newborn, Tadamichi's mother left his family because of monetary issues. Driven by his desire for money (so that he may once again meet his mother), Tadamichi decides to give up baseball and pursue golf. Unwilling to let him fight on his own, Yuka and Kohei also give up on baseball and switch over to golf.

To train, they meet Mikiyasu Shinjo, a former pro-golfer who had won tournaments in the PGA tour before being injured in a car accident. Though Shinjo is initially against teaching them, their insistance and hard work pay off. After having them swing at balls for a month, he finally begins to teach them the basics of golf. Unfortunately, the three students have already been coerced into a tournament, leaving very little time to train. Will their unpolished talent be sufficient to win at a completely new game?


This is one of the few series I've seen where the background art is far superior to the character art. The characters unfortunately seem to rely far too much on a basic set of expressions - happy or angry. That's not to say the characters are always happy or angry, it's just that almost every expression (concentration, shock, exhaustion, etc) looks almost exactly one of the two primary expressions. The background art however, provides very pretty renditions of expansive golf courses and well trimmed greens.

The characters are very stereotypical, with Tadamichi's character bordering on annoying. No matter what he'll continue driving himself to train and he'll always barge in on other people to learn from them at an incredibly fast pace (allowing him to acquire new abilities that he uses in tournaments). The problem with this is, a reader can only suspend his/her belief so far, after a certain point the evolution of a character at that speed causes the story to lose its magic. Both the plot and the character development are being forced along by the author, rather than developing at a more leisurely pace. I realize this may be done to get to the "good stuff" faster, but having a character go from being a baseball player to learning about golf to training under a former-pro within a single chapter is rushing it. This hurried pace doesn't let up for the first couple volumes, further compounding the issue.

Unless you're a fan of golf, I'd suggest you look elsewhere for a manga. There's simply too much being forced in Dan Doh!!

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