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Manga Reviews

In Japan, manga is a drug. People are addicted to it and for good reason: it's extremely entertaining. Also referred to as Japanese comics, manga has grown popular throughout the United States and many other countries. Practically every book store and newsstand has some sort of manga whether it is in the form of a graphic novel or a manga magazine. Unfortunately unless you do research to find what manga series are good you simply won't know. You'll be forced to read whatever is popular or most likely a series in which you have seen the anime. That is of course fine, but the number of manga series vastly outnumbers the number of anime series; so by common sense there are more quality manga series than anime. This is why we have compiled a list of manga series that we have reviewed. Take your time, do the research, and find what interests you.

Featured Manga ReviewPluto

Pluto Osamu Tezuka is a beloved colossal figure in the worlds of anime and manga. Reworking one of his creations is a daunting task that few artists have attempted and Pluto could have easily been a failure. However, Pluto is a reboot done right. Naoki Urasawa not only contemporizes a story by the "father of manga" he truly re-imagines it. He is faithful to Tezuka's idealistic vision of a world where humans and robots work side-by-side but he gives the story a gritty overhaul, bringing it into the 21st Century as a murder mystery and police procedural reminiscent of the best those genres have to offer. Read More

Manga List

Title: Length: Genre: Rating: Reviewer:
Hayate the Combat Butler 06 Vol. Comedy 4 Karthon
Hells Angels 03 Vol. Comedy 3.5 Karthon
Jaja Uma Grooming Up! 26 Vol. Comedy 3 Karthon
Angel Densetsu 15 Vol. Comedy 3.5 Karthon
Yakitate!! Japan 26+ Vol. Comedy 4.5 Karthon
Today in Class 5-2 01 Vol. Comedy 4.5 Karthon
Psychometrer Eiji 25 Vol. Crime 4.5 Karthon
Old Boy 8 Vol. Crime Drama 4.5 Frank Chavez
Berserk 33+ Vol. Dark Fantasy 4 J. Moynahan
Beck 34 Vol. Drama 4 Karthon
Hikaru no Go 23 Vol. Drama 5 Enishi
Addicted to Curry 15 Vol. Ecchi 3.5 Karthon
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 10 Vol. Fantasy 3.5 Karthon
Shingeki no Kyojin 10+ Vol. Fantasy 3.5 Frank Chavez
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 14 Vol. Fighting 2.5 Karthon
Houshin Engi 23 Vol. Fighting 3.5 Karthon
Hunter X Hunter 26 Vol. Fighting 3.5 Karthon
Kannade 01 Vol. Fighting 3.5 Karthon
Karakuri Circus 43 Vol. Fighting 4.5 Karthon
Zatch Bell 33 Vol. Fighting 4 Karthon
Beet The Vandel Buster 09 Vol. Fighting 3 Karthon
MAR (Marchen Awakens Romance) 12 Vol. Fighting 3.5 Karthon
Tokyo Underground 10 Vol. Fighting 2.5 Karthon
Shamo 25+ Vol. Fighting 3.5 Frank Chavez
Hareluya II Boy 04 Vol. Fighting 2.5 Karthon
Ares 17 Vol. Fighting 4 Karthon
Rave Master 33 Vol. Fighting 2 Karthon
Flame of Recca 33 Vol. Fighting 2 Karthon
Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 Vol. Games 2.5 Karthon
Love Hina 14 Vol. Harem 3 Karthon
Vagabond 28+ Vol. Historical 4.5 Karthon
Vinland Saga 7+ Vol. Historical Fiction 5 Frank Chavez
Saiyuki Gaiden 01 Vol. Historical Fiction 3.5 Karthon
Saiyuki 09 Vol. Historical Fiction 4 Karthon
Parasyte (Kiseiju) 12 Vol. Horror 4 Karthon
Noritaka 07 Vol. Martial Arts 4 Karthon
Team Medical Dragon 05 Vol. Medicine 3 Karthon
Detective Conan 63+ Vol. Mystery 3.5 Karthon
Homunculus 9+ Vol. Psych Thriller 4.5 Frank Chavez
Living Game 10 Vol. Romance 4.5 Karthon
Show Me The Money 02 Vol. Romance 4 Karthon
Arcana 02 Vol. Sci-Fi 2 Karthon
Pluto 8 Vol. Sci-fi 5 Frank Chavez
20th Century Boys 24 Vol. Seinen 4 Karthon
Nodame Cantabile 14 Vol. Shoujo 3 Karthon
Spiral 15 Vol. Shounen 4 Karthon
Bleach 37+ Vol. Shounen 3.5 Karthon
Black Cat 20 Vol. Shounen 3.5 Karthon
Kurozakuro 03 Vol. Shounen 3 Karthon
Claymore 15 Vol. Shounen 4 J. Moynahan
666 Satan 19 Vol. Shounen 3 Karthon
One Piece 51+ Vol. Shounen 3.5 Karthon
Shaman King 32 Vol. Shounen 3.5 Karthon
Godhand Teru 02 Vol. Shounen 3 Karthon
Naruto 45+ Vol. Shounen 3 Karthon
Project ARMS 22 Vol. Shounen 3 Karthon
Samurai Deeper Kyo 38+ Vol. Shounen 4 Karthon
Rurouni Kenshin 28 Vol. Shounen 4 Karthon
Hajime No Ippo 86+ Vol. Sports 4 Karthon
H2 34 Vol. Sports 4 Karthon
Prince of Tennis 42 Vol. Sports 3.5 Karthon
Dan Doh!! 29 Vol. Sports 2.5 Karthon
Eyeshield 21 33+ Vol. Sports 4 Karthon
Fullmetal Alchemist 15 Vol. Supernatural 4 Karthon
+Anima 10 Vol. Supernatural 3.5 Karthon
Kekkaishi 05 Vol. Supernatural 3.5 Karthon
Gantz 25+ Vol. Supernatural 2.5 Karthon
Otogi Matsuri 06 Vol. Supernatural 5 Karthon
Black God 02 Vol. Supernatural 3.5 Karthon
Buso Renkin 07 Vol. Supernatural 2 Karthon
Togari 08 Vol. Supernatural 2 Karthon

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