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  » Anime & Abstract Wallpapers
Wallpapers by Fusiongt

Comments: This is surprisingly my first Berserk wallpaper. I was in the process of designing a new abstract layout for this site when it just wouldn't work out, so I decided to plop good ol' Femto on it, and voila: a Berserk wallpaper! I think it fits the world of Berserk, and particularily the Eclipse scene, quite well. Might be a bit on the dark side, but if you've seen Berserk, then you know I did this on purpose.

Comments: I made this one with Photoshop (of course) on my laptop, so hopefully the contrast isn't too different. A while ago I wanted to make my website's title "Spectrum Lyght," but nothing really developed so I figure this wallpaper is to make up for it. This wallpaper is really simple... one day I was playing with Photoshop's light filters and that, plus twirl created this simple creation!

Comments: This is my first abstract wallpaper. I like how it turned out. I thought of extracting an anime character and plopping it in, but I figure 3D backgrounds don't look right with 2D characters. Plus I just wanted to play around and see what would happen... and of course I personally only put abstract-type wallpapers on my desktop, heh. Now that I got the hang of making abstract wallpapers, expect to see a lot more in the near future!

Comments: This is basically the same wallpaper as the above except it is darker and has a nicer lightning effect in the middle. I made this on my laptop so the brightness might be a bit too "white" on desktop (CRT) monitors.

Wallpapers by Gutsz

Wallpapers by Various Artists (Credits given within the pages)

Want to showcase your wallpaper here?

Then send me an e-mail! This website is listed on Google's first page on numerous search queries, so your wallpaper will get the attention it deserves. Images will stay intact without change - I will not add my website's text to images that were not created by myself. All wallpapers will have to get my approval first, and all creators will get 100% credit.

To the left you'll see some of my favorite wallpaper images. Because of bandwidth issues, I am unable to show more then one resolution for each wallpaper. If the image doesn't fit your desktop resolution, simply use an image editing program to resize it to your preference.

These wallpapers are here so you can cover up your boring dull desktop! The images are not here so you can use it on your website. Please do not take and host these wallpapers on your site unless you receive permission from me. I am not shady so just let me know if you want to use an image.

I almost always receive consent to use these images on my site, but for some of the various artist wallpapers, I lost track of who created the image (or in some cases I never knew). If you are the rightful creator of the wallpaper, and I did not acknowledge it, please send me a e-mail so I can quickly change it!
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